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Vision problems

Astigmatism, color blindness, hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), presbyopia, strabismus (aka heterotropia)….Most people who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses are affected by one of these common visual problems. Here are some definitions to better understand them.     What is astigmatism? People with astig[...]

Types of glasses

Corrective lens for different needs will not have the same shape, protection index or properties. Lens indices, mineral glass or organic glass, spherical or aspheric, univocal, multifocal or progressive: choose your glasses well.   Lens indices Lenses for eyeglasses can be made thinne[...]

Eyeglasses material

Depending on your activities, and your taste, you have a wide choice of materials for your frames. Acetate, wood, horn, carbon fiber, Optyl, epoxy, polymers, titanium: here are some definitions to help you make the best choice for your lifestyle. Acetate Plastic eyeglasses are actually often mad[...]


To wear glasses well, it is important to respect the fundamental rules of visagism, respecting facial morphology. The same frames do not suit faces with different shapes, in the same way that certain colors work better according the color of one’s eyes, hair and complexion. Visagism: the b[...]

Eyeglasses for driving

According to the AsnaV, more than 90% of the decisions and gestures involved in driving a car rely upon the driver’s eyesight. But your eyes are not accustomed to working in low or very strong light, nor at high speeds. Here are a few remarks about eyesight….and the law. How to see better wh[...]

Eyeglasses for working and reading

Protecting and resting your eyes while you work is essential for avoiding eye strain. Whether for reading on the page or the screen, for writing or working outdoors, wear suitable eyewear, organize your desk and develop good habits.   Some tips for resting your eyes! If you regularly[...]

Wearing eyeglasses at the sea

Water reflects 5 to 10 % of ultraviolent rays. Sunglasses are thus strongly encouraged if you practice watersports. Underwater, of course, a mask is better! Whether surfing or sailboarding, jet-skiing or diving: choose the best equipment to protect your eyes as much as possible.   Sunglasses for surfing, sailboar[...]

At the beach, by the water, in the water

Sand reflects 20% of UV radiation and water reflects from 5 to 10%. At the beach or on the water, your eyes are very exposed to harmful rays from the sun that can cause them serious problems in both the short and long term. Whether it’s beach volleyball, swimming, watersports or fishing: equip [...]

Which glasses for outdoor sports

Low visibility, sun, wind, dust in your eyes, UV damage, fog on your lenses, glasses that slip….there are more than a handful of bothersome problems for athletes in the great outdoors. To avoid these nuisances, choose the right eyewear!     Glasses for tennis - The [...]

Vision professionals

At each step of the way towards healthy vision, you are likely to encounter three principal kinds of professional: ophthalmologists, orthoptists and opticians. Let’s take a closer look in order to better understand their respective roles.     The Ophthalmologist The [...]

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Welcome to our News Page ! may 30, 2013 Finally, here is the place where you can get information on the latest developments. From our[...]
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