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Wearing eyeglasses at the sea

Water reflects 5 to 10 % of ultraviolent rays. Sunglasses are thus strongly encouraged if you practice watersports. Underwater, of course, a mask is better! Whether surfing or sailboarding, jet-skiing or diving: choose the best equipment to protect your eyes as much as possible.


Sunglasses for surfing, sailboarding, kite-surfing….

Opt for either photochromic lenses or lenses with a protection index of 3 or 4; they should be polarized and have anti-fog and scratch-resistant protection;
- Choose sport glasses or goggles with drainage, preferably equipped with an elastic strap;
- Attach your eyewear to your wetsuit or around your neck;
- Avoid using contact lenses, which are strongly discouraged for use in the water;
- Anticipate the most suitable eyewear for your activity, such as clip-ons or corrective sunglasses.





Glasses for jet-skiing

Choose a mask with a double lens and drainage for freestyle or big swell jet-skiing;
- Choose floating sunglasses for leisurely rides;
- Equip yourself with goggles with drainage for more intense sessions;
- Wear sunglasses or goggles with corrective lenses when necessary;
- Invest in hydrophobic goggles or sunglasses (protection index 3 or 4) with scratch-resistant and anti-fog protection; polarization will improve your comfort.




Glasses for boating

Some advice on choosing the best glasses for boating:
- You’ll appreciate polarized, anti-fog, scratch-resistant and hydrophobic lenses;
- A neck cord is necessary, especially if you wear corrective eyeglasses;
- Floating frames are a plus;
- Wearing contact lenses is not recommended;
- Choose your frame according to the type of boating you do;
- Always have a spare pair onboard if you wear corrective eyeglasses.




Diving masks

Choose a watertight mask tempered with a silicone skirt (smaller for free-diving);
- The inner skirt must be placed on against the face; the frame of the mask should not bother your nose or forehead and pinching the nose should be easy;
- Use disposable contact lenses or corrective lenses integrated into your mask;
- Remove the silicone film from the glass of your mask and treat the inside with anti-fog spray before each dive;
- To avoid water leaking into your mask, be careful to shave well and let nothing get caught, such as hair, between, the mask and your face;
- Rinse the mask in fresh water and store it out of direct sunlight after using it.



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