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Vision professionals

At each step of the way towards healthy vision, you are likely to encounter three principal kinds of professional: ophthalmologists, orthoptists and opticians. Let’s take a closer look in order to better understand their respective roles.



The Ophthalmologist

The ophthalmologist (sometimes called an oculist), is a medical doctor specializing in eyes and vision who can diagnose deficiencies or anomalies of vision and who can prescribe medications such as eye drops, corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. An ophthalmologist can also perform a surgical intervention if it proves necessary. The ophthalmologist has an additional, important role in the early detection of numerous diseases via eye examinations, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and some infectious diseases.

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The Orthoptist

The orthoptist is a little like the physiotherapist of the eyes. The orthoptist begins their work by making a complete check-up of your visual health and detects the anomalies and other visual deficiencies to be corrected. Like the ophthalmologist, he or she can measure eye pressure and thickness of the cornea, take x-rays or perform a DFE (dilated fundus examination). After an extensive exam, the orthoptist can determine the necessary ocular reeducation. This reeducation is a series of muscular exercises which help you to learn how to control your eyes and in some cases eliminate visual discomfort.

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The Optician

The optician is the only professional authorized to dispense corrective lenses. The profession has diverse roles: the optician carries out the prescription of the ophthalmologist, measures pupillary distance to evaluate binocular vision and gives technical and esthetic advice to clients choosing corrective eyewear. After measuring the curvature of the cornea in order to find the most suitable shape of lenses, he or she also polishes them, mounting them on the glasses he or she adjusts for each face. The optician also provides many other services for their customers.

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