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To wear glasses well, it is important to respect the fundamental rules of visagism, respecting facial morphology. The same frames do not suit faces with different shapes, in the same way that certain colors work better according the color of one’s eyes, hair and complexion.

Visagism: the basic rules

Glasses are true fashion accessories, part of your look, and should take into account the form of your face. In general, it’s advisable to opt for frames that attenuate facial features, preferably by counterbalancing them with opposing shapes.
Moreover, large frames should be avoided for people requiring strong correction because the wider the model, the thicker the lenses.
Finally, if you are presbyopic (far-sighted) and you wear progressive lenses or bifocals, choose high frames which let you see well through all regions of the lenses.


Facial shapes

Round faces: : structurez votre visage avec des lunettes anguleuses, pour l’étirer, tournez-vous vers des lunettes plutôt rectangulaires, voire ovales mais toujours allongées.
Square faces: s : interrupt the lines of your face and soften your features with round or oval glasses.
Triangular faces (broad forehead): low frames with thick rims; consider oval, round or rectangular models with a rounded lower rim
Oval faces : you’re in luck, because most frames will work well for you.


The face in detail

Eyebrows : the frames must align just below, without hiding them, ideally following their curve.
Temples and ears : the arms must not be too tight in order to avoid allergic reactions and headaches
Width of nose : choose suitable glasses that slide off without being too tight.
Cheekbones : avoid frames that rest on them; even when you smile, the glasses must rest equally on your nose and ears.
Size of frames : even if they exceed the width of your face, the eyes must be at the center of the lenses.

What color of sunglasses should I choose?

The eyes : opt for a something that brings out their color or highlights the tone of your iris.
Hair : blondes and redheads should choose warm colors; brunettes should choose bright colors.
Skin tone : lighter complexions work well with warm colors (except red, which brings out facial redness). For metallic frames, favor silvery colors. Darker skin tolerates all colors very well, especially bright or very dark ones. As you get older, avoid glasses that are too dark, which, this tends to harden the appearance and bring out facial lines.

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