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Eyeglasses for working and reading

Protecting and resting your eyes while you work is essential for avoiding eye strain. Whether for reading on the page or the screen, for writing or working outdoors, wear suitable eyewear, organize your desk and develop good habits.


Some tips for resting your eyes!

If you regularly feel bothered after reading for a while, it is because your eyes are not designed to stay fixed on one distance for hours on end. Here are some easily-performed exercises to help you take care of your eyes.
- Blink regularly to irrigate your eyes;
- Do not hesitate to yawn
- Every 20 minutes, fix your eyes on an object at a distance of 20 feet (6 meters) for 20 seconds;
- 3 five-minute breaks are better than 1 15-minute break


No more tired eyes at the office!

Neck pain, itchy or red eyes….There is a lot of discomfort which can result from looking at a computer screen. Here are some tips to reduce fatigue while working on a computer.
- Use indirect lighting;
- Avoid having reflections on your screen;
- Position your screen at arm’s length;
- Adjust the contrast of your screen so that it’s not too dark or too bright;
- You can find special corrective lenses designed for working with a computer that help prevent fatigue.


How to choose reading glasses

Whether from a computer screen, or a piece of paper, reading demands intense concentration from the eyes. For people suffering from untreated eye problems, the eyes become fatigued more quickly. Reading glasses are different depending on your symptoms and how they are designed to be used.
- Think about consulting an ophthalmologist if you experience discomfort from reading;
- Take care to choose eyeglasses which match your visual anomalies and reading needs;
- Depending on the reading format, choose regular reading glasses or computer glasses for reading off a screen.


Close-up on eyeglasses for school

An eye problem detected and corrected early makes a child’s life much easier and preserves their visual capacities:
- 3 visits to the ophthalmologist are required for children: at 8 days, 9 months and then at 2 years of age;
- The AsnaV* recommends that all children consult a specialist at least two times between the age of 2 and 6, but you should visit an ophthalmologist at any moment if your child experiences visual discomfort;
- For the youngest children, glasses have scratch-resistant, unbreakable lenses. The frames are most commonly made of plastic, followed in popularity by metal frames. Teenagers, of course, will choose according to their style!


Protect your eyes while working outdoors; it’s essential!

Working outdoors exposes the eyes to different nuisances and dangers. For good protection, wear eyeglasses suitable for outside work and respect certain fundamental rules.
- The sun’s rays can be dangerous and can cause both short and long-term problems.
- In medium to strong sunlight, wear glasses with a protection index from 1 to 3;
- The lenses must be solid, made of polycarbonate or tempered, scratch-resistant glass;
- Certain work calls for using protective goggles.

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