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At the beach, by the water, in the water

Sand reflects 20% of UV radiation and water reflects from 5 to 10%. At the beach or on the water, your eyes are very exposed to harmful rays from the sun that can cause them serious problems in both the short and long term. Whether it’s beach volleyball, swimming, watersports or fishing: equip yourself with good sun protection.


Amateur or pro, wear sunglasses for beach volleyball!

- Les montures des lunettes de soleil doivent être enveloppantes et munies de préférence de renforts au niveau du nez et des branches ;
- The frames of your sunglasses should wrap around the head, reinforced at the nose and arms;
- Sunglasses should have lenses with a protection index of 3 or 4, with scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating;
- An elastic head strap will ensure they stay put;
- Contact lenses can be uncomfortable because of wind and sand;
- There are corrective sunglasses suitable for beach volleyball on the market.

Swimming goggles: equipment for everyone’s needs

Pour protéger des projections d’eau, de chlore, de sel ou d'agents infectieux, les lunettes de natation sont indispensables en piscine et en eaux libres.
- To protect your eyes from splashes, chlorine, salt or infectious agents, goggles are indispensable in both the pool and open water.
- Choose goggles with anti-fog lenses, or use a spray;
- Opt for anti-scratch coating and goggles with flexible joints;
- Outside, equip yourself with UV-filtering goggles;
- Avoid contact lenses, which are not recommended for use in water; if necessary, use corrective swimming goggles instead.

What glasses for open water sports?

- Prenez-les englobantes, d’indice de protection 3 ou 4 ;
- Choose wraparound glasses with a protection index of 3 or 4;
- Anti-fog, hydrophobic, scratch-resistant and polarized lenses improve comfort;
- Photochromic lenses make it possible for you to have just one pair of glasses for different light conditions;
- Goggles or glasses fitted with an elastic strap are strongly encouraged; to avoid losing them, choose a floating model;
- Using contact lenses in water is discouraged;
- One can find corrective sport sunglasses or clip-ons for sport frames.

Fishing glasses

En rivière, en lac ou en mer, le pêcheur est souvent gêné par les rayons directs du soleil et par la lumière réfléchie sur l’eau. Résultat : des douleurs aux yeux et une mauvaise visibilité des poissons sous la surface. Contre ces inconvénients, équipez-vous de lunettes de pêche.
- On rivers, lakes or the sea, the fisherman is often bothered both by direct sunlight and the reflection of light on the water. Result: eye strain and bad visibility of the fish just under the surface. Equip yourself with fishing glasses to thwart these liabilities.
- Choose sunglasses with a protection index of 2 or 3;
- Opt for polarized lenses
- Fasten your glasses with a cord or use frames with an elastic strap.
- If you have an eye defect, think about acquiring suitable eyewear suitable for fishing.

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